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U.s. cotton exports reached a record high of 10 years of service 2016-2017

U.s. cotton exports reached a record high of 10 years of service 2016-2017

In marketing the new 2016-2017 ended recently, America has exported 14.9 million bales of cotton, shows the largest export volume since the service when the country exported 2005-2006 17.7 million event. U.s. cotton exports for the year higher than originally forecast by the US Department of agriculture (USDA) or the private forecasts.

While the Upland Cotton export total reached 14.3 million event for the rest of the cotton fibre is suing 614,000 super long. All U.s. cotton production increase and increasing global consumption to help increase cotton exports.


This is the second year in a row, Vietnam is importing more U.s. cotton country, and Vietnam has imported nearly 2.8 million bales. As a result, the market share of the U.S. in Vietnam increased to 50% in the last year.

Exported to the Indian subcontinent also rose sharply, with India, Pakistan and Bangladesh all three countries to become the second largest trade partner of the United States of America. Two years have lower cotton production in Pakistan, the high domestic price in India and ultra fast growth in demand of the plant in Bangladesh has created this high demand. However due to production in Pakistan and India should recovery can be challenging for U.s. exporters to maintain the level of this cotton sales, although demand in Bangladesh is said to continue to increase.

China's imports is still limited by quotas in both the year and the amount of sales for the reserves is 14.3 million event on private supply. Because America's market share in China to recover from extremely low levels of service 2015-2016 should export to China is expected to increase in coming years.

Export to traditional markets such as Turkey and Mexico did not show significant growth in the year.