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Brother printers directly to the new digital garments

Brother printers directly to the new digital garments

Brother International Australia has introduced a new generation of digital printers print directly onto the garment with Brother printer DTG, GTX. With long-lasting reputation by products of high quality and high capacity, Brother has designed a new printer head prints with new generation GTX speed high, leading to high-quality printed image in production speed.

Notable features as color preview screen excluding the need to have the computer to verify the design ready-to-print. The new machines also have automatic features GTX maintenance impression, meaning that users do not need to manually remove the ink cartridge nozzle clogging thanks to new white ink circulation system, so keep white ink in the form of suspension and a structure to hold wet ink do not dry ink at the bottom of the cartridge nozzle base plate.

Brother also introduced the Graphic Lab, a new exclusive print software comes GTX we have for both Mac and PC.  The program along with the drive in's GTX user do not need to become proficient in eddit software images and graphics, allowing the user to import artwork, text supplements, rotating/resizing/positioning of the image in the application and effect of technology art.

As with the previous model, the Brother made the print head print head to a GTX fabric is great to make the print up the seam and zipper pockets, easier than before. In addition to shirts, GTX can be used to decorate many kinds of early Team Hat scarf, shoes, bags and clothing have high porosity as sweatshirts have the hat and jacket, the new and improved Model allow fast work flow and effectively , means less machine stops time, whether GTX is used as a single printer or as a part of the production line. Print head containing the nozzle number approximately three times the print head before then, no small improvement versus the print head before. To increase the speed and performance, GTX top white ink printing layout behind CMYK to just a weekly printed on black fabric.

Brother DTG has also introduced new ink formulas with GTX.